Things to do

Zeeland offers many attractions. From sightseeing in historical towns and tasting local delicacies, such as muscles and oysters, to practising diverse water sports and enjoying the island's rich nature. Zeeland caters for all tastes!


Schouwen Duiveland is Zeeland's northernmost peninsula, surrounded by 3 different waters: the North Sea, het Grevelingen Meer and de Oosterschelde. The perfect location for swimming, sailing, diving, sunbathing, horseback riding, cycling along the coast and walking along the beach or through the forest of Westerschouwen. Schouwen Duiveland offers something for everyone!

The beach

The most popular North Sea beach stretches from Renesse to The Delta Works of Neeltje Jans, offering some great spots for swimming and diving. If you prefer tranquility, we recommend Het Grevelingenmeer en de Oosterschelde which offer plenty of smaller, more peaceful beaches.

The forest or monumental cities

The forest of Westerschouwen is the largest forest of Zeeland and is located on the coast of Schouwen Duiveland. With its great biodiversity and lushness it is definitely worth a trip during your visit. You might even spot a deer or two!
Daarnaast zijn monumentale steden zoals Zierikzee, Middelburg, Veere, Vlissingen en Goes een leuk dagje uit.

a day out

A day out in Zeeland is never boring! With its beautiful coastal towns, scenic nature and fun attractions it caters to everyone.


Zierikzee is a charming city and with a rich history visible in its monumental architecture. With more than 500 monumental buildings in its historical centrum, Zierikzee offers some of the greatest treasures of Dutch cultural heritage. 

Zierikzee is a charming city and with a rich history visible in its monumental architecture. With more than 500 monumental buildings in its historical centrum, Zierikzee offers some of the greatest treasures of Dutch cultural heritage.
The harbour has always played an important role in the development of Zierikzee. The main economic drivers behind Zierikzee's growth are trade and fishery hence the harbour's importance. Other than its economic value the harbour offers a tranquil place to breathe fresh air and enjoy a drink on one of Zierikzee's many terraces. For art enthusiasts we recommend paying a visit to the Museumhaven which illustrates the maritime history of Zierikzee.


Middelburg, the capital of Zeeland, is one of the province's hidden gems. Enjoy walking through its cobbled streets featuring the famous Dutch architecture and get lost in the city's charm.

Its historical city center features more than 1,200 monuments, taking you back in time. Many of the historic buildings date back to the Golden Age. It was in this period that the VOC used the city's harbour for its trade which has put Middelburg and its impressive warehouses on the map as a culturally important city. Apart from its rich history Middelburg is known for its outstanding gastronomy. You will find plenty of restaurants and cosy cafes on the city square.


Veere is smaller but not less impressive town! Its surroundings are excellent for walking, cycling or sailing. The harbour provides a good spot for people and boat watching.

Veere is located on a lake which offers you the opportunity to practice any water sports to your liking or jump straight onto a scenic cruise once you're done with shopping.
In short; in Veere you won't have to be bored for a moment.


Vlissingen has emerged as a trendy port town in which its industrial heritage is renovated into modern attractions. Take de Scheldekwartier, for example, where you can stroll along the quay overlooking impressive yachts and ships.

Vlissingen's boulevard was completely renovated in the 1990s. All along the promenade you'll find excellent restaurants and terraces with beautiful views of the sea. Vlissingen is known for its cultural importance. It is surrounded by an old city wall which accommodates more than 300 historical monuments. In addition, the city is home to numerous public art. The Great Route of Dutch Art passes through the city. In short, the dream of every art enthusiast.


Goes is a versatile city. With almost 300 stores, Goes is a real shopping paradise. From large department stores to quirky boutiques. Most stores can be found in and around the popular historic city center.

The perfect setup to purchase unusual gifts and come across rare finds. The shops are located against a backdrop of medieval streets, narrow alleyways and monumental buildings which offers a unique experience.

eating out "in the neighborhood"

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Restaurant De Wig

Restaurant & Winebar Gris Sec

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Unique and well worth a visit

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Proef Zeeland

Beach clubs

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Dining out "a little further"

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